Warrior Technologies That are Game Changers

Times have changed! No need to spend big money for great golf clubs.
We believe you should have the ultimate experience with quality golf clubs that don’t break the bank!

Warrior Custom Golf Co. has put the pleasure back into the game and back into your wallet.

For over 20 years, Warrior has been building custom clubs for golf enthusiasts that measure up to most major brands at Factory-Direct prices.

Our technical team recognizes that players of all ages have put much more emphasis on equipment that helps make the game easier and more enjoyable.

However, this usually comes at a big price for most retail branded golf clubs that can break the bank and fall short of your expectations.

Warrior has taken tremendous measures developing quality components that provide exceptional performance accompanied with modern design at affordable pricing.

As a result, our new innovation in custom golf clubs and equipment such as ultra-soft and distance golf balls are leading the way in helping avid golfers lower scores and improve their game. Some of our club advancements include:


Enjoy the game with our newest technology

  • Frequency matched and balanced to help ensure ideal gapping from club to club within a golf set for a consistent feel and flex when you swing

  • Massive sweet spot with more spring off the face, our metal is set to have optimal flex and responsiveness

  • Heel-To-Toe Weighting –This technology allows the golfer to adjust the weight located in the clubhead for a draw, fade, or straight shots

Benefits of Our Custom Clubs:

  • Active Channel Technology – Reinforces power across the clubface

  • Rapid Recoil Technology – Bigger sweet spot, longer and straighter shots with more consistency

  • Your choice of Hi-Grade Steel for that solid feel and performance or our Graphite True Launch Shaft which is our “Active Release Technology” for increased power upon release

  • We build modern clubs that fit your current swing and style of play

  • Shipped directly to your front door without you leaving the comfort of your home

  • Advanced Technology to give you the best advantage

  • Gain more yardage by having a head and club shaft combination that best complements how you swing your driver

  • Your distance control will improve

  • Straighter drives

  • Easier to launch

    • Your wedge game will improve, better feel and
      cut through sand with ease

    • Remarkable accuracy

    • Excellent trajectory

    • Irons that are Weighted and balanced for swing consistency
      helps turn a slice or a hook in to a power fade or draw

    • Maximize distance from the fairway

    • Reach long par 4’s and 5’s with greater ease

    • Proper fitted clubs will help you play better golf

    Our goal is to help you hit straighter shots with more consistency, distance, and accuracy.

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