Warrior Custom Golf and LNGT Guarantee Cash Prizes

//Warrior Custom Golf and LNGT Guarantee Cash Prizes

Warrior Custom Golf and LNGT Guarantee Cash Prizes

Play in Ladies National Golf Tournament and win up to $30,000 purses!

Irvine, CA – July 20th 2007
Warrior Custom Golf announces their new affiliation with the Ladies National Golf Tour as their OFFICIAL Sponsor. The Ladies National Golf Tour (LNGT) is a nation wide golf tour for pro and amateur golfers who are seeking to play on the nations finest courses and add a competitive edge to their golfing careers. All LNGT members will receive Tour Points based on their finish in each event. These points will be used for season-ending prizes as well as a method for qualifying for special events such as the Tour Championship. LNGT and Warrior Custom Golf are producing purses that can exceed over $2,500 per event depending on sponsors and how many golfers attend. At least 5 players must attend for the prize to reach $2500, and if 12 or more golfers participate the purse continues to grow. The LNGT – Warrior Custom Golf partnership is giving away up to $30,000 to members who make it to the national events and place in the highest 40% of golfers in their field.

Warrior Custom Golf is the purse sponsor of the LNGT and is able to provide professional golfers a chance to take the next step in their golfing careers by gaining recognition in the community and achieving the dream of winning a nation wide tournament. Any member can win the Grand Prize, but anyone who is not a member of the LNGT will not receive Tour Points and cannot enter the regional and national events. Even if you are not a member of the LNGT you are still allowed to play for a nominal fee and receive non-cash prizes as high as $750 in all of the nation wide series.

The LNGT takes place annually with 2-3 series per year and over a 5 year interval events eventually occur in every state across the U.S. So everyone has a chance to play in their own local area at some point. LNGT event goers who become subscribing members will receive a Membership Kit with Hats, Golf-Bag Tags, Shirts, and more all sporting the LNGT logo.

Warrior Custom Golf, Inc. was established for the singular purpose of developing, manufacturing and marketing custom golf clubs for golfers worldwide. We’re dedicated to the continual development of affordable state-of-the-art custom golf products and in building customer loyalty through exceptional customer service and support. As a result, today Warrior has surpassed $100 million sales with over 250,000 satisfied customers nation-wide.

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