Warriors 5-Star Preview & Play Program

Our 5-Star Preview & Play Program grants you access to the newest in golf technology and the luxury of playing with brand-new custom clubs fit for you. What makes our company even more unique… you get to play your favorite courses, practice at driving ranges, RISK FREE for 45 days.

Since 1998 Warrior Custom Golf Company has built custom clubs for golf enthusiasts all over the country that perform better than most major brands without the heavy retail price tag.

In early 1999 Warrior launched a program called, Preview and Play. This innovative 5-star program was developed to help golfers select the right golf clubs and play with them without having buyer’s remorse. Over the next two decades, Preview and Play has led Warrior to over 270 million dollars in sales, has fostered over 1,000,000 satisfied customers, and has helped golfers of all handicaps select the right clubs for their style of play RISK FREE.

Learn how to participate in Warrior’s 5-Star Preview & Play program

It’s easy…Here’s how to Start your Preview and Play today.

1. Our professional sales agents will help you select the proper clubs to help improve your game and maximize your experience on the course.

2. Each club you choose will be custom built to your exact specification at no extra cost.

3. Your new clubs will be shipped directly to your front door.

4. Play all of your favorite golf courses and work with your new clubs on the driving range RISK FREE for 45 days.

5. When you decide to keep your new custom clubs, your factory direct pricing is locked in from the time of order.

6. Once you have Previewed and Played your custom clubs, we ask that you fill out our online evaluation form.

7. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. Warrior offers 1 year of free adjustments. If you have hit your new custom clubs on the range and have played with them on the course multiple times and feel you need a second fitting, we will help identify the adjustment to improve the performance of your clubs.

8. If you have given your new custom clubs a fair evaluation and you are still not satisfied, arrangements will be made for the safe return of your clubs and a refund will be issued.

Click today to PREVIEW & PLAY!

Warrior Custom Golf is certain you are going to thoroughly enjoy your new golf equipment. Our newest advancements in club technology are helping thousands of golfers around the country improve their game dramatically.

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