NEW LOOK, NEW TABLES, Gets a Facelift

//NEW LOOK, NEW TABLES, Gets a Facelift

NEW LOOK, NEW TABLES, Gets a Facelift

Warrior Table Soccer (WTS) has officially launched the brand new for foosers everywhere to get linked up to all the current dealings in the table soccer world.

The brand new site features a new interface for easier navigation and is more pleasing to the eyes than the previous layout. Foosers can expect to find information on all the latest events in the foosball world, such as upcoming tournaments, and a message board where foosers from all around the world can go to chat and share their foosball knowledge with others. The site also includes ordering information for the brand new Warrior Table, the official foosball table of Independent Foosball Promotions, and a few words from WTS President Brendan Flaherty, the designer of the new table. The site also includes pictures, videos, and links to other foosball information sites.

Warrior Table Soccer, based in Irvine, CA, was founded in 2003 to provide foosers with an alternative to the status quo of the table soccer world. WTS puts much effort into researching and developing tables that are innovative, durable, stylish, and most importantly— top caliber.

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