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The Drive to Win

The Drive to Win

Not only do you need useful golf tips to improve your game, you need useful golf knowledge, as well. Warrior’s latest eBook The Drive to Win provides both, with everything ranging from the storied history of golf, official rules and etiquette, and the handicap system to helpful insider tips for everything out on the golf course, from the mental game to your putting game. Transform your game and your mind for the better. Your playing partners will be so enthralled with your newfound abilities, they’ll think you spent your families’ vacation fund on private lessons.

An excerpt from The Drive to Win:

This guide will explore the many facets of golf, including the rich history, basic rules and etiquette, including an informative breakdown of that foreign language known as the golf handicap, the culture and customs, tips on all basic aspects of your game, and everything else in-between. Out of all the numerous golf publications floating around the world, you might be asking why you would want to waste your time on this one. Well, while many publications out there are quite informative, they are also boring, lengthy, and in my opinion, a wee bit condescending. This one aims to be humorous, efficient, and down to earth for your reading and learning pleasure.

An insider’s edge as good as this is only available through Warrior Custom Golf, and the best part is The Drive to Win comes in an eBook format, so there’s no reason to be lugging any heavy books around. You also won’t have to worry about paper cuts. All the golf information you need, right on your computer screen—could improving your golf game get any more convenient that this? We think not.