Tomahawk® Striker Woods




Warrior E-fit

  • Active Channel Technology – Reinforces power across the club face and accelerates club head speed generating more energy transfer at impact.
  • Active Recoil Technology – Creates a bigger sweet spot with a more explosive rebound effect producing longer straighter shots with more consistency, distance and accuracy.
  • Aerodynamic Crown – Engineered with airflow notches reducing drag to achieve maximum swing speed.
  • Low Profile Club Head – Designed with expanded sweet spot from heel-to-toe for increased forgiveness and easy launch off any fairway or deep rough.
  • True Launch Shaft – Active Release Technology for increased power upon release. Frequency matched and balanced for enhanced performance.
  • Custom Fit – Custom built to exact specifications and playing characteristics.



Received my Warrior 5 an 7 metal. Used them three times and LOVED THEM!!!! ON the the third round....

Dave D.

They have helped my game a lot

I got my fairway woods a couple of months ago. They have helped my game a lot. I always had issues with long irons. These have made those shots much easier with out needing to use my irons. I definitely would recommend them to anyone who isn't great with long irons.

Jeremy Dunnam

I would recommend these to clubs anyone.

I tried out the 3 and 5. I hit them both really good. Problem is I would never use the 5 wood because I hit a 3-iron just as far. I thought the 3 wood felt great. The sweet spot was very forgiving and the hit noise is really nice. I would recommend these clubs to anyone.

Benjamin Johnson

Amazing clubs!

My wife and I recently moved to the Palm Springs area and I was anxious to find a new golf home. I did not know that Warrior owned a local course, Cimarron Golf Resort, but was glad to hear about this when I ordered my new #5 and #7 fairway metals. Amazing clubs! I'm a 6 handicap and these are extra stiff shafts. Fell in love the first time I tried them. Anyway, I went to Cimarron Golf to try my new clubs and check out this new course. The staff was incredible from the beginning and very professional. Then they saw my Warrior golf bag and club covers. Well, the service was suddenly even better. Like I said, it was great to begin with, but now I thought they were going to carry me to my cart, tee up my ball for me and wipe the sweat off my forehead. OK, way to much, but you get the idea. I have found a new golf home to go along with my incredible clubs. Also, my TaylorMade, $399, M1 driver is staying home because I hit my Warrior driver farther and straighter. I sound like a commercial now so I'll shut up.

Deuane Kuenzi

These clubs are phenomenal.

Recently participated in a test play. Took me a while to be able to really feel how much more I enjoyed these clubs, but that is not to be blamed on the clubs themselves, but rather, the experience level that I have. I have been using these clubs for 4 months or so now, and I cannot be happier. I feel like I have more control and distance in my game. These were also my first set of custom fit clubs, and immediately I noticed how much better I felt when swinging my clubs. They fit was superior from the way it fit my hands, to the way I stood while swinging these. Overall, I could not list a single reason why someone should not try these clubs, they are phenomenal.

Micah Farley

The more I play with the 3, 5, 7 the more I like them

The more I play with the 3, 5, 7 the more I like them. Length, accuracy and forgiveness are great.

John Kinney