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Warrior E-fit

  • Active Channel Technology – Reinforces power across the club face and accelerates club head speed generating more energy transfer at impact.
  • Active Recoil Technology – Creates a bigger sweet spot with a more explosive rebound effect producing longer straighter shots with more consistency, distance and accuracy.
  • Aerodynamic Crown – Engineered with airflow notches reducing drag to achieve maximum swing speed.
  • Low Profile Club Head – Designed with expanded sweet spot from heel-to-toe for increased forgiveness and easy launch off any fairway or deep rough.
  • True Launch Shaft – Active Release Technology for increased power upon release. Frequency matched and balanced for enhanced performance.
  • Custom Fit – Custom built to exact specifications and playing characteristics.
#2 12°
#3 14°
#4 17°
#5 20°
#7 23°
#9 26°


The more I play with the 3, 5, 7 the more I like them

The more I play with the 3, 5, 7 the more I like them. Length, accuracy and forgiveness are great.

John Kinney