Extreme Woods

Extreme Woods
  • Built-in extreme weighting technology (EWT) helps maximize center of gravity (COG), producing shots that come off the club face with extreme velocity.
  • Removable weighting system (RWS) allows you to change your launch angles from high to low and set up for a neutral, fade, or draw trajectory.
  • Low profile club head design with expanded sweet spot from heel to toe provides a higher moment of inertia (MOI) for increased forgiveness and longer, straighter shots from the fairway or deep rough.
  • Progressive face thickness technology (PFT) provides maximum coefficient of restitution (COR) for barely legal distance.
  • Comes equipped with a Warrior Professional Series long drive shaft to provide consistent flex, stability, and exceptional club head speed.

I am sorry I waited so long to get a custom set of woods. When I used the new woods I felt I had gone back about 20 years. These are the best buy I have ever made in golf equipment.

Keith P.