Signature Series Irons




warrior e-fit

  • Total control precision (TCP) is a wide sole technology that moves mass away from the club face to balanced spots around the perimeter, creating an expanded sweet spot.
  • Deep cavity gives you a solid feel across the entire club face for maximum forgiveness and accuracy on off center hits.
  • Lower center of gravity (COG) allows the ball to get up and out for longer, straighter shots with more control on impact.
  • Comes equipped with a frequency-matched and balanced Warrior 3.1 Tour Series graphite shaft or Warrior Synchronized Gold stepless steel shaft for a more consistent flex throughout the set


On January 26, 2016. I had my 1st hole-in-one

Hole-In-One...I was 83 yrs. old. On January 26, 2016. I had my 1st hole-in-one. I have been playing golf for almost 70 years. I made it on the 12th hold on Gardner GC, in Gardner, Ks. I hit a 7 iron (Warrior iron, been playing them for about 13 yrs) 145 yds to the pin...Wallah!! ..In it wen!! These irons work for me.

Donald Fox

My first hole in one using a Warrior #9 iron

This is the second year of using Warrior Custom golf clubs, and yesterday 7/29/14 I recorded my first hole in one using a Warrior #9 iron! Thanks

Denny M Monaco

Way to go Warrior! I'm impressed!

After only 2 weeks of hitting my new custom clubs I have already shaved 5 strokes off each 9 holes I have played!
This is a very forgiving iron, wedge, and believe it or not putter! Getting Irons Wedges and a putter along with various warrior balls I am certain that when used to these clubs I will have an opportunity to lower my handicap by 10 strokes consistently!

Jim Bakker

I have gained confidence in both my game & swing

Not only have I seen an improvement in my game, but I have gained confidence in both my game & swing with the new custom irons I received a few weeks back!!!

Mark Beerends

Thanks warrior golf!

I can't get over the feel these irons have . I am not getting any younger and with old clubs found myself going up a club . with these warrior irons I have dropped at least one club sometimes 2 depending on situation. And I can't even begin to put to words what I think of the woods . I never had anything but a 3 wood in my bag , now that I have the warrior 3,5,7 woods I don't know how I played all these years without them .

Ron Mason

I have been a customer for a couple years now

I have been a customer for a couple years now. I have the signaute series irons and woods. Friday 4/11/14 I won my first major tournament. Sponsered by Pro Golf Discount. Winner receives all expenses paid to the 2014 U.S Open. "1895" seats, hotel accommodatios, airfare and rental car for 4 days. I won this using Warrior clubs. I recently received free a Taylormade speed blade to try. I am playing several more tournaments and plan on staying with Warrior. I will be playing some rounds out in N.C while Im there with my Warrior clubs.

Scott Reitz

I really love my set of Warrior clubs, best buy I ever made.

I have complete set of clubs and I have gained between 75 & 100yrds in my drives,and I'm hitting the ball even straighter than before, I also have droped 10 strockes off my game (18) I realy love my set of clubs best buy I ever made.

John Gibson

I now have 13 warrior clubs in my bag.

I now have 13 warrior clubs in my bag. 6 thru the lob wedge and 3 and 5 fairway woods. My 3,4, and 5 irons are the tomahawk hybrids. They are great clubs and my golf buddies can't believe their feel. I seriously considering replacing my Cleveland hi bore driver with a warrior. This would give me a full compliment of warrior clubs. Great clubs , thanks.

William Collins

Nice look and feel

Nice look and feel. Most shots were straighter and longer than normal. Broke 80 for the very first time. Shot 76 and 77 the last two rounds!

Chris Mertell

They have changed my game.

From the very first day, these clubs improved my game by 4 strokes and it keeps getting better. They have changed my game.


Great when lying in the rough to strike ball for distance. A+++. This club carries me 20+ yards farther on fairway. Great club, guys, keep up the good work!

Richard Ortiz

I really enjoyed the custom fit clubs

I really enjoyed the custom fit clubs. I’ve grown really fond of the 5 wood. I would have to say it’s the most comfortable club to hit in my bag. Thanks again to Warrior Custom Golf and keep up the good work!

John Abina

I knew that these clubs were going to be my best friend

I knew that these clubs were going to be my best friend when I hit the ball from the fairway and was off center by a half inch and it still went straight to my target area.

Mark Acklemire