Tomahawk® Striker Driver


  • Active Channel Technology – Reinforces power across the club face and accelerates club head speed generating more energy transfer at impact.
  • Active Recoil Technology – Creates a bigger sweet spot with a more explosive rebound effect producing longer straighter shots with more consistency, distance and accuracy.
  • Aerodynamic Crown – Engineered with airflow notches reducing drag to achieve maximum swing speed.
  • 460cc Club Head – Provides highest achievable Moment of Inertia (MOI).
  • True Launch Shaft – Active Release Technology for increased power upon release. Frequency matched and balanced for enhanced performance.
  • Custom Fit – Custom built to exact specifications and playing characteristics.
#2 10°
#3 11°

The Warrior woods went a long way to help with my score.

I used my new Warrior Driver and 3-Wood during my league (called the "Rinky Dinks") play today. I had the best 9 hole score I have had in years - a 43. My handicap is (was - I probably ruined it today!) 18, so it is obvious that I am far from a good golfer (I am 85 years old and never was a really "good" golfer even when I was young.) The Warrior woods went a long way to help with my score. It was a lot of fun to hit the ball well for a change.

Bob Murphy

Getting min 30yds more per club

I have a full set of Wedges / Irons / Driver with Putter and Balls. Amazing clubs... getting min 30 yards more per club. Warrior was awesome to deal with and took great care of me.

Ian Weatherell

The new driver has proven to be effective

Ok, I have 4 rounds in now and must make a review! The new driver has proven to be effective as you have advertised in straightening out my slice! Not only am I out distancing my golf buddies, but I finding 60% more fairways with this club. I was skeptical at first that a club could improve my outcome but it's true, I am hitting them straighter and farther.

Brian Barrey