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MSRP $149.00
Purchase Price: $16.45

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Tomahawk Striker Hybrid

Experience Pure Feel & Superior Control

  • Deep Cut Precision Grooves – Maximum groove depth and width for exceptional back spin and superior control.
  • Rough Surface Optimization – Provides optimum roughness over the club face for increased shear contact improving ball striking.
  • Blade-Cavity Head – Designed like a traditional blade with a slight cavity offering accuracy, feel and forgiveness producing an all in one design.
  • Unique Heel-Toe Radius – More versatility from any lie around the green.
  • True Launch Shaft – Active Release Technology for increased power upon release. Frequency matched and balanced for enhanced performance.  Available in Low Torque HI-Modulus Graphite or Step-less Steel.
  • Custom Fit – Custom built to exact specifications and playing characteristics.
Gap Wedge52°64°12°
Sand Wedge56°64°14°
Lob Wedge60°64°11°

I can't wait to try some of their other clubs and some balls.

Just received my Tomahawk 60° lob wedge yesterday.

Played my first round with it today and absolutely love it. At first it felt a little heavy in my hand compared to my Taylormade 60° but after swinging it a few times, I'm elated with it. I normally will not hit more than about 60 yards with my previous wedge, but decided to try from about 75 yards and just stuck it.

The only drawback is that I thought I was getting a jumbo grip, but it felt and looked like a standard grip. Not a problem, I regripped it and it feels great.

Todd Smith

I absolutely love these 2 clubs

I received the 60 wedge and fairway wood. I absolutely love these 2 clubs they are by far my favorite in the bag.. I would recommend warrior clubs to anyone.. They have helped me with my game.

Danny King

Getting min 30yds more per club

I have a full set of Wedges / Irons / Driver with Putter and Balls. Amazing clubs... getting min 30 yards more per club. Warrior was awesome to deal with and took great care of me.

Ian Weatherell

Got the 60 degree instantly fell in love

Got the 60 degree instantly fell in love with was able to bump and run to flop it with great accuracy

Trent Johnston

Best club I have ever owned

I am a 80 year old, still trying to play golf. I do belong to a group of old timers, and although I am not a real good golfer, it is something I enjoy. I have a set of hybrid clubs and am totally dissatisfied with them. My short game needed a lot of work. I received a 60 degree wedge from you and what a difference. I not only could make the green but the ball rolled so much it was difficult to get it near the flag., But using the warrior wedge, I was also able to place the shot where I wanted it. Best club I have ever owned.

Tom Butterton

It has changed my scoring by about 5 strokes

I am 71 years old retired salesman. Had an opportunity to receive your hybrid 3 and 60 degree wedge..

Thought that this deal is to good to be true. I waited for the clubs and let me tell you it was worth the wait it has changed my scoring by about 5 strokes. The 3 hybrid It plays so well off the fairway I cant tell you anyone who has trouble hitting a 3 wood will go crazy when they hit this hybrid 3. Got the wedge with the hybrid and never had a club give me the loft and the soft touch that this club does. I know it sounds to good to be true but anyone thinking of getting these warrior clubs do it now. I thank you again for being a test subject and I hope you give me a chance try test drive other clubs.

James Culmone

I would definitely tell people to give them a try

Got my two golf clubs,a 3 wood and pitching wedge in the mail Friday, went golfing Saturday,unbelievable performance from these two clubs. i was hitting almost 200 yards with the 3 wood, something I couldn't do with my old clubs,the grips were perfect and the weight of the club, I would definitely tell people to give them a try.

Karen Gulick

It's consistent and reliable

Ok I was skeptical. But it was free so why not. Hey, it works, no really it really works. It goes high and lands soft. It's consistent and reliable. This isn't BS. I'm a 9 handicap and it will stay in my bag.