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Warrior Custom Golf Spear

Warrior Custom Golf Presents
The new John Daly Signature Series
Forged Copper Wedge

John Daly Signature Series Wedges

Experience Pure Feel & Superior Control
Maximum Groove Depth & Width
Optimum Face Roughness
Carbon Forged Steel


GW 52° 64° 12°
SW 56° 64° 14°
LW 60° 64° 11°

Coming Soon!

This wedge has been specially designed to meet John Daly’s requirements on tour. Start playing like a pro with this authentic tour precision design with a pristine copper finish. Gain more confidence and success with your short game by using the exact same wedge played on tour.

  • Maximum Groove Depth & Width
    Deep cut precision grooves maximize groove depth and width using the 30 degree method of measurement on file with the USGA. Groove width, spacing and cross-sectioning stay consistent throughout the target area. Larger grooves provide exceptional back spin and superior control.
  • Optimum Face Roughness
    Rough Surface Optimization Technology provides optimum impact area roughness over the entire club face. Shear contact is increased to help ball striking with an open club face.
  • Carbon Forged Steel
    Forged steel with a copper finish is softer and will give you the most feel for incredible touch on approach shots.
  • Traditional Head Design
    Traditional blade look, with a unique heel to toe radius design provides the most versatility from any lie around the green.
“I’m still getting used to my new wedges, it’s only been a week but they are awesome! A lot softer and more spin with the copper finish. Thanks to Warrior Golf my new friends!
- John Daly

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