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Warrior Custom Golf Spear

Warrior Tomahawk Plus Golf Iron Clubs

Tomahawk Plus Irons

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  • Extraordinary Mass-Transfer Technology (EMT) pulls weight away from the club face and redistributes it to selected areas around the perimeter of the club head providing dynamic speed and remarkable distance.
  • Extreme Slot-line Weighting (ESW) creates a hollow area in the back cavity of the iron by rolling weight behind the face of the club head for a more efficient hitting area.
  • Progressive Face Thickness Technology (PFT) provides maximum Co-efficiency of Restitution (COR) for barely legal distance according to USGA rules.
  • Comes equipped with a frequency matched and balanced Warrior 3.1 Tour Series graphite shaft or Warrior Synchronized Gold Step-less steel shaft for a more consistent flex through out the set.
#3 20° 57°
#4 23° 57.5°
#5 26° 58°
#6 29° 59°
#7 33° 60°
#8 37° 61°
#9 41° 62°
PW 45° 63°
More solid through impact. Heavier than current Irons with a great feel & weight through hitting zone. Also, my distance was slightly longer with the Tomahawk Irons!!
-Edward M.
I felt the length of the clubs and weight improved my overall play. Reduced score by 7 to 10 strokes from start to finish. My control has greatly improved!
-Paul Ciestak
I got the distance I need in the rough and fairway from 125-225 yards."
-Jordan Karns

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