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Warrior Custom Golf Spear

Warrior Tomahawk Golf Driver

Tomahawk Driver

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  • Extraordinary Mass-Transfer Technology (EMT) pulls weight away from the club face and redistributes it to selected areas around the perimeter of the club head providing dynamic speed and remarkable distance.
  • Maximum Cone-Shape Technology (MCT) pushes center of gravity (COG) to its limit producing a higher rebound effect for extreme velocity and trajectory.
  • 460cc club head provides the highest achievable Moment of Inertia (MOI).
  • Progressive Face Thickness Technology (PFT) provides maximum Co-efficiency of Restitution (COR) for barely legal distance according to USGA rules.
  • Comes equipped with a Warrior Professional Series Long Drive Shaft made by Harrison, providing consistent flex, stability, and exceptional club head speed.
#1 10°(standard)
#2 12.5°
#3 15°
#4 18°
#5 21°
#7 24°
#9 27°
I am very please with the clubs. You said I'd get 20 more yards, I'm getting 50+ more with the driver, and 40 yards more with the 3 wood. I'm getting on in regulation on par 5's. They are great!
-Millard Allen
Driver performance is unbelievable! Compared to Taylormade, my drives were straight and went farther. 'Where did my slice go?' Thank you!
-Richard Germek

15 Mason, Irvine, CA 92618
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