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warrior e-fit

  • Extraordinary Mass-Transfer Technology (EMT) pulls weight away from the club face and redistributes it to selected areas around the perimeter of the club head providing dynamic speed and remarkable distance.
  • Maximum Cone-Shape Technology (MCT) pushes center of gravity (COG) to its limit producing a higher rebound effect for extreme velocity and trajectory.
  • Low profile club head design with expanded sweet spot from heel-to-toe provides a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) for increased forgiveness producing longer straighter shots from the fairway or deep rough.
  • Progressive Face Thickness Technology (PFT) provides maximum Co-efficiency of Restitution (COR) for barely legal distance according to USGA rules.
  • Comes equipped with a Warrior Professional Series Long Drive Shaft, providing consistent flex, stability, and exceptional club head speed.
#1 10°(standard) / 9°(distance)
#2 12.5°
#3 15°
#4 18°
#5 21°
#7 24°
#9 27°


I eagled a par 5 due to a ridiculous second shot with that club.

I received the hybrid 4 wood for free about two months ago and have had an opportunity to play with it quite a few times along with using it on the range. I have to be honest and say it is extremely easy to hit and I feel more consistently straight with it than any other wood in my bag. I eagled a par 5 due to a ridiculous second shot with that club. Confidence in a club is a good thing!

Ed Baisden

Shaved a couple strokes off my score

Had a Tomahawk Edge 3 wood built and it hits the ball a lot further than I typically can hit meaning it has added an average of about 30-50 yds off the grass and shaved a couple strokes off my score!!! I actually am using it to tee off with because I hit it so much further than my driver and I am more accurate with it. Thanks, I wonder if the Tomahawk driver could do the same?


Love them all. Great feel. Improved scores

4 Rescue Club; 3,5,7 Woods and 52,56,60 degree wedges. Love them all. Great feel. Improved scores

Nathan Weiss