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warrior e-fit

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  • Deep cut precision grooves combined with rough surface optimization technology helps maximize back spin and provides added control.
  • Unique heel to toe radius design provides the most versatility from any lie around the green.
  • Traditional blade look, with slight cavity offering accuracy, feel and forgiveness producing an all in one design.
  • Polished chrome finish gives an appealing look at address.
Gap Wedge 52° 64° 12°
Sand Wedge 56° 64° 14°
Lob Wedge 60° 64° 11°


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Great clubs

I received a Tomahawk driver to try but I love so much that I haven't sent my review for fear of it being wanted back. It was charged for when sent. It is a great addition to a favorite set of Wilson fat shafts . It has improved drives by 30 to 50 yrs and straight. He says it is the only customize club owned and custom fit is the way to go. He recommends to every golfer to try a Warrior custom fit club or clubs to see improvement in their game.. Great clubs.

Richard Schmitz