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warrior e-fit


  • Deep Cut Precision Grooves maximize groove depth and width using the 30 degree method of measurement on file with the USGA. Groove width, spacing and cross-sectioning stay consistent throughout the target area. Larger grooves provide exceptional back spin and superior control.
  • Rough Surface Optimization Technology provides optimum impact area roughness over the entire club face. Shear contact is increased to help ball striking with an open club face.
  • Traditional Blade Design with a unique heel to toe radius design provides the most versatility from any lie around the green.
  • Warrior Synchronized Gold step-less steel shaft, frequency matched and balanced for a more consistent flex throughout the set.
Gap Wedge 52° 64° 12°
Sand Wedge 56° 64° 14°
Lob Wedge 60° 64° 11°


I couldn't have asked or bought a better wedge

Received your LOB Wedge first week of Sept., have used it on three outings already. I couldn't have asked or bought a better wedge, does just what a wedge should do, get the ball up high and stop close to the pin. I did have a hard time keeping it out of my golf buddy's bag as he wanted to keep it for himself. All in all a great club, Thank You Warrior.

grieg miller

fantastic clubs that are the envy of my golf buddy!

Received both the #3 hybrid and the lob wedge. The hybrid is solid and straight as an arrow. Feels awesome through the swing and carries a consistent 200 yds. Its my go to club over my big irons

The lob wedge has already cut a 2 to 3 strokes a round. Nice high lift and lays the ball with so little roll leaving make able putts. 2 fantastic clubs that are the envy of my golf buddy!

William Haske

Great clubs for sure.

I am 73, and I’ve used them over 11 games of 18 holes and they have turned out to be two of my favourites.

The lob is terrific within 30 yards of the green. (Made two eagles on our par 3)

The #3 Hybrid gets me out of trouble and back on the fairway every time! It feels so comfortable, I use it in many cases where I’d normally use my Callaway 3 or 5 wood.

Great clubs for sure.

James Scott

I would recommend both clubs

I received my custom made 3 hybrid & my 60 degree wedge yesterday, the wedge was a big help around the green it put the ball close enough for an easier birdie or par putt, now the hybrid will take a little getting used to, sometimes I hit it wrong and it was ugly, but when I hit it right it flew straight and yes I would recommend both clubs..just practice with them before you hit the course!!!!


I am very impressed with the accuracy

I have used the new 60 degree lob wedge for 2 rounds. I am very impressed with the accuracy and how it sticks when it hits the green. I had been using a Bob Voky wedge and i am having better luck with the Warrior product. I would highly recommend these clubs to anyone that wants to improve their game. Thanks for a great product.

Jeff Casper

Every golfer should try Warrior wedges

I've been able to play about 4-5 rounds now with my free gunmetal 60 degree lob wedge & I love it. Its my new go to club when I need to get it close. The backspin I can produce with it is amazing & it checks up great with chip shots. I can go right at the flag stick with this lob wedge which I love. Gonna buy a 52 & 56 degree wedge now. Every golfer should try Warrior wedges.

Jason Taylor

This might be the best 60º wedge I have ever used

I received my custom 60º wedge last week and I have to say I am very impressed. This might be the best 60º wedge I have ever used. The feel, contact and distance control is incredible. If you are having trouble with 50yd & in shots and chipping with your current wedges then I highly recommend you try this wedge.

J Krause

Way to go Warrior! I'm impressed!

After only 2 weeks of hitting my new custom clubs I have already shaved 5 strokes off each 9 holes I have played!
This is a very forgiving iron, wedge, and believe it or not putter! Getting Irons Wedges and a putter along with various warrior balls I am certain that when used to these clubs I will have an opportunity to lower my handicap by 10 strokes consistently!

Jim Bakker

I was so impressed with the superior quality...

I ordered a set of wedges and after two rounds with them, I was so impressed with the superior quality and accuracy that I ordered 2 fairway woods, the 4 and the seven. After a round with the woods I called Warrior to say that they were too closed for me. They said they would fix them and the customer service said send them back.

They were as good as their word and after 2 rounds with them I am absolutely delighted with their performance and quality. It's nice to find product that lives up to the way they are described and both the wedges and the woods do just that!
Warrior Golf deserve an "attaboy" for great product and great service to back it up.

Paul Sunderland

i am very happy with all three of the wedges

i have been playing the warrior wedges lob thru sand and i am very happy with all three of the wedges. I am getting great spin and they are very easy to hit. Very solid clubs i would recamend them to my friends or any one i was talking golf with.


Thanks Warrior Golf!!

Just played with my custom wedges from Warrior. Got them with my custom Driver and fairway woods. 9 degree driver was great with wet conditions and high wind here lately. Wedges have great face and really stick to the green. Shot my first 76 at a club that has held national events in years gone by.

Matt Kemmeling

I am enjoying better play

Received my 60* lob wedge, free thank you,and I am enjoying better play..Never used a lob wedge but this wedge is in my bag to stay..

carmen fovozzo

I just received the 60' wedge a few weeks ago, I absolutely love it

I just received the 60' wedge a few weeks ago, I absolutely love it, the fact that is was custom made makes all of the difference, I cannot miss-hit this club. I would strongly recommend it.

Steven Solner

Been playing with the 60 wedge and could not be happier

The spin control is great. No need to over swing and the feel is ideal. Feels solid on full and half swings. I live and play in Palm Desert, Ca and we have a lot of wind. So a good wedge makes all the difference on your approach shot and I'm certainly going to add more of their wedges to my bag. Thanks

Bob M

I love this Warrior Lob Wedge this is a great club...

When I seen the Email for Lob Wedge product test, I almost deleted it and after giving it some thinking I said why not try something new.
I play with a Tour Edge lob wedge and after my last 3 rounds playing with the Warrior Lob Wedge
my Tour Edge is going in the trash.
I love this Warrior Lob Wedge this is a great club... now I am glad I did not delete the email...

Thanks Warrior..

Doug Weiland

Just doesn't get any better than this!

Received my 60° Lob wedge yesterday morning and took it with me yesterday afternoon and was amazed! The stopping action on the ball was astounding. The feel of the club in my hands was perfect and I had real confidence rather than second guessing if I had the right club. Just doesn't get any better than this!

Chester Morgan

I have to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my new clubs!

I have to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my new clubs!! My lob wedge gets me out of the bunkers first try every time!!! My 3 fairway is awesome too!! I can hit it with ease and even hit 200 yards with it once!! These two clubs have saved my butt this week at least 3 times. Between these two clubs my game is down 5-6 strokes!! Thank you warriors!!!

Cheryl Paine

Great loft and control out of the clubs

Great loft and control out of the clubs. Would be interested on trying the 52degree and 56 degree wedge after playing the 60 degree wedge.

Brandon Pruski

I really love my set of Warrior clubs, best buy I ever made.

I have complete set of clubs and I have gained between 75 & 100yrds in my drives,and I'm hitting the ball even straighter than before, I also have droped 10 strockes off my game (18) I realy love my set of clubs best buy I ever made.

John Gibson

Warrior has some outstanding products.

Great distance golf balls. I also have the 60 degree lob wedge in my bag with the mallet putter. My lob wedge is good up to 60 yards and is great for up and down shots over water or sand. the putter is very smooth and balanced well. Next I will want to see if the Warrior driver will out perform my Taylormade R9 driver for distance and control. Warrior has some outstanding products. Tip for the day? When in doubt? Just go for it!

Daniel Bray

Nice look and feel

Nice look and feel. Most shots were straighter and longer than normal. Broke 80 for the very first time. Shot 76 and 77 the last two rounds!

Chris Mertell

They have changed my game.

From the very first day, these clubs improved my game by 4 strokes and it keeps getting better. They have changed my game.

I enjoy these wedges.

I wanted to replace my older Warrior wedges with new ones. The new ones came with steel shafts and I’m very glad. I enjoy these wedges.

Larry Jacobson