warrior e-fit

  • Perimeter Sole-Cavity Weighting redistributes weight to selected areas around the perimeter of the club, giving you added weight behind a Progressive Thickness club face for a more explosive rebound effect on impact for remarkable distance.
  • Enhanced Forward-Back Weighting adds more weight to the front and back of the club head increasing energy transfer during your swing for more consistent tempo and larger sweet spot for more forgiveness and longer drives.
  • Low Profile Club Head Design with expanded sweet spot from heel-to-toe provides a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI) for increased forgiveness producing longer straighter shots from the fairway or deep rough.
  • Wide Camber Sole glides through any lie, promoting solid contact and a low deep center of gravity (COG) that makes it easy to get the ball up and out of the rough or fairway bunker.
  • Part Iron-Part Wood Design combines fairway wood distance with the control and accuracy of an iron.
  • Warrior 3.1 Tour Series graphite shaft or Warrior Synchronized Gold step-less steel shaft, frequency matched and balanced for a more consistent flex throughout the set.
#2 15°
#3 18°
#4 21°
#5 24°
#6 27°

The 7 wood is far and away the best

Hi, I received hybrids 2 through to 6 and a 7 wood. Hitting 4 and 6 very well and still working on the others. The 7 wood is far and away the best. Minimum distance is 190 yards and straight down the fairway. I look forward to visiting your facility when on vacation in Irvine.

Bill Brannigan

fantastic clubs that are the envy of my golf buddy!

Received both the #3 hybrid and the lob wedge. The hybrid is solid and straight as an arrow. Feels awesome through the swing and carries a consistent 200 yds. Its my go to club over my big irons

The lob wedge has already cut a 2 to 3 strokes a round. Nice high lift and lays the ball with so little roll leaving make able putts. 2 fantastic clubs that are the envy of my golf buddy!

William Haske

Great clubs for sure.

I am 73, and I’ve used them over 11 games of 18 holes and they have turned out to be two of my favourites.

The lob is terrific within 30 yards of the green. (Made two eagles on our par 3)

The #3 Hybrid gets me out of trouble and back on the fairway every time! It feels so comfortable, I use it in many cases where I’d normally use my Callaway 3 or 5 wood.

Great clubs for sure.

James Scott

I would recommend both clubs

I received my custom made 3 hybrid & my 60 degree wedge yesterday, the wedge was a big help around the green it put the ball close enough for an easier birdie or par putt, now the hybrid will take a little getting used to, sometimes I hit it wrong and it was ugly, but when I hit it right it flew straight and yes I would recommend both clubs..just practice with them before you hit the course!!!!


the hybrid is an amazing club

I received my 3 hybrid and 60 degree wedge this past week. had a chance to play yesterday and put both clubs in the bag. the hybrid is an amazing club. had the chance to hit it several times throughout the round and really liked its feel. launched it 220-225 on three separate shots. its in my bag as a permanent replacement to my 5 wood. THANK YOU

Matthew Collins

I just played with my new hybrid and I love it

I just played with my new hybrid and I love it. Replaced my old school 3-wood, im hitting this club 20 yards further and straight as an arrow. Thank you Warrior Custom Golf!!!

Ben Herrera

thanks for making the game of golf more enjoyable to play

IM just a average golfer who does not get to play to much at the present time.
but when I do get out I seem to have a problem getting distance out of my shots
I started using the 3 hybrid and what a difference
I can now get on the green in 2 (on a par 4) and 3 (on a par 5) not to mention from 170 to 200
from the hole how straight this club hits
(if you need more distance this is the club for you)

Charlie Groling

Great Club...

Great Club...I received a custom hybrid offer received the club in about two weeks. I had not used a hybrid club before and have been very impressed with the club. It has solved my 230-250 range club and the feel and comfort of the club has been great. Warrior took some measurements and I answered a few questions and they were able to tailor the club to fit me. I would definitely recommend the club and Warrior.

Jamie Bullen

Thank you Warrior for the confidence

Just started playing again after 23 years. Love the clubs that I have. I will have them all including the bag when I am through. the clubs that I have are great. Thank you Warrior for the confidence.

Kendall Mulvany

I could not be happier with all of these clubs

I bought your Signature 3W and 5W and also received your Signature 3 Hybrid and mallet putter. I could not be happier with all of these clubs. I was told I would find the fairway woods would make me hit the ball longer - they do. The same goes for the 3 Hybrid. I love the balance and my game and my confidence have improved by hitting these every week. The putter is great - it is lighter than my old putter but my alignment is much better with it and I am one putting a lot of greens. Love it.

Michael Stenning

I am now getting 30 yards more hitting distance.

I received my free hybrid about one month ago. Since using it I'm hitting the fairway and greens. I am now getting 30 yards more hitting distance. Thank you for the 3 hybrids.

George Lind

I tried your Tomahawk 19 degree hybrid and was pleased with the results

I tried your Tomahawk 19 degree hybrid and was pleased with the results. The ball had good distance and was pretty straight for the most part. The club is a littler longer than my current one that I use. I will probably have it cut down by 1/2" and put an over-sized grip on it. At this time, I plan to carry this club in my bag after I get it adjusted.

Joe Przychodzin

I have to say the club plays excellent

I did get your Hybrid #3 during the winter I did not get to play it much in the winter months, but since the weather change for the better I have been playing it a lot.
I have to say the club plays excellent. I am hitting it straighter and when I do get in the rough I am getting it back in play with good shoots.

Charles L. Russell

The Hybrid Club that I ordered has made a difference in my game

The Hybrid Club that I ordered has made a difference in my game. Enjoying it everyday.
Thanks to the 19 degree Warrior Hybrid.

Napoleon Phillips

Warrior Hybrid

My drive went about 270, up in the wind and landed in the rough leaving me with 286 yards to the pin. I thought what a perfect opportunity to try out the Warrior Hybrid. Took my stance, attempted to line my shot up, (the green was obscured by woods in front of me) playing a draw. Perfect contact with the ball I am not lying that ball went every bit of 286 yards and I made the 3 foot put for an eagle. I could not believe it so here I am today singing up to receive the Hybrid from Warrior custom golf. Thanks!!

Joshua Lordahl


Have the pleasure of using the Warrior 3 hybrid offered through the TV Ad. AWESOME. Perfectly weighted club with a feel that is very precise. I will be evaluating other Warrior clubs with possibly switching from my Cobra S2 forged irons to the Warrior customs.

Thank you Warrior Golf.

Mark Thomas

I am extremely satisfied

I have been unable to play for the last few weeks due to a knee injury, but wanted to take the time to tell you that now I have tried these clubs, I am extremely satisfied. Also, my husband (Thomas Barber) had gotten the set of woods with free driver, he did not care for them, but I am using them and really get extra distance and accuracy with them. The driver is extremely light weight and feels comfortable in the grip, I have added about twenty yards to each drive, and the 3 wood is now my club of choice on the fairway. Thank you again for the opportunity to try these unique clubs.

My husband also wanted me to add that the hybrid 3 club he received is excellent and one of his favorite.

Marjorie A Barber

I really love my set of Warrior clubs, best buy I ever made.

I have complete set of clubs and I have gained between 75 & 100yrds in my drives,and I'm hitting the ball even straighter than before, I also have droped 10 strockes off my game (18) I realy love my set of clubs best buy I ever made.

John Gibson

Can't say enough about this club. I love it!

Can't say enough about this club. I love it! I replaced my 3-iron with the Warrior 3-hybrid. It's so easy to get out of the rough with this club. Also, the loft is low enough to stay under low hanging branches on the tree-line. I have only had it for 2 weeks but have used it on 3 different courses. Makes me want to replace my 4-iron with a 4-hybrid. The magnetic head cover is also a snap to put on or take off! I highly recommend this club for the average or pro.

Rick Carlson

I hit my first hole in one

Today, 11/4/13, at 10 AM on Woodley Lakes G.C.,Calif. I hit my first hole in one. I was using a warrior golf ball and a Warrior 3 rescue. It was 172 yds. Thank you, thank you. It was a great thrill and it only cost about $400 in drinks.

Bill Lewis

I really like it and considering purchasing a full set of hybrids

I received a free 19* hybrid this summer from your free offer. I have been using it for some time now and find it a very forgiving club. I really like it and considering purchasing a full set of hybrids.

Edward C Dipirro

I now have 13 warrior clubs in my bag.

I now have 13 warrior clubs in my bag. 6 thru the lob wedge and 3 and 5 fairway woods. My 3,4, and 5 irons are the tomahawk hybrids. They are great clubs and my golf buddies can't believe their feel. I seriously considering replacing my Cleveland hi bore driver with a warrior. This would give me a full compliment of warrior clubs. Great clubs , thanks.

William Collins

Thanks for making me feel like a special customer

I received the christmas gift bag and was ecxited by all i got as a customer of warrior . i own the the 3,5,7 woods and 3 hybrid. They all helped my game. Was hoping to receive a putter in the gift bag ,received a 3 wood instead.thats ok because i have another friend to turn on to Warrior. Thanks for making me feel like a special customer.

David Galipeau

A1 rating

Received my hybrids and putter yesterday what a different custom clubs make longer and straighter shots from fairway love the putter too has a great feel and roll will be getting drivers hopefully soon love the clubs if you haven't tried Warrior clubs you should you won't be disappointed A1 rating.

Larry Moody

The hybrid irons seem to hit themselves

The hybrid irons seem to hit themselves. In two rounds with them, the confidence from 200+ yards in the fairway is something I’ve never had.

Bruce Hermanson

Nice look and feel

Nice look and feel. Most shots were straighter and longer than normal. Broke 80 for the very first time. Shot 76 and 77 the last two rounds!

Chris Mertell

They have changed my game.

From the very first day, these clubs improved my game by 4 strokes and it keeps getting better. They have changed my game.

Unbelievably solid through impact

Unbelievably solid through impact. Good golf club!

Rob O'Sullivan

Good distance and feel with good contact

Good distance and feel with good contact—seems to improve as I become more familiar with the clubs. I’m getting incredible distance!

Charles Francemore

They totally complete my golf set

I was skeptical at first buying a driver and hybrid without having swung or felt the club in my hands. Was I ever pleasantly surprised!! They totally complete my golf set.

Ron Richard

I love this club.

My drives tend to drift right a bit. Ok ok I slice the heck out of it sometimes. Lol
But I take out the hybrid 3 and im either on the green or within a chip shot.
Ive even hit it through trees, under trees, and tight hall ways.
Goes straight every time. I love this club.
Next step will be to try the Driver. Maybe then I can use the hybrid 3 from the fairway.

RJ Davis